Dave LindhoutDave Lindhout and the Wave of the Future

I'm Dave Lindhout and I have been transforming information since 1977. From punched cards on a mainframe computer system to Web 2.0, one thing that has remained constant is the need for quality information systems. The tools have evolved as well. From COBOL and dBase to 4th generation and object oriented languages. The Internet is the new platform of choice with hyper-linked information available without geographic boundary, and available on an increasing number of devices. The tools available to me are virtually limitless.

The solutions abound, but real question is, do they solve your problems? And how good a handle do you really have on your problems? That's where I come in. My experience includes developing custom software, and implementing and integrating large scale ERP software packages. The constant is my ability to identify the right set of problems, and provide appropriate solutions, on time and within budget. It comes down to being able to bring about positive change within an organization.

What has continued to drive my success is my ability to identify and solve the right set of problems, and develop solutions that exceed expectations.

I am located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can contact my address

This was a very successful project for everyone involved. I've tried to outline below what made the project successful. 

Sheldon Cleaners is a large chain of dry cleaners, with 30 locations in Grand Rapids, Holland, and Kalamazoo. The project consisted of a point of sale system for all locations and the back office system to support it. Other systems included plant performance and bank reconciliation.

I went into business for myself in 1984, after being fired. Best thing that ever happened to me. Working with a variety of organizations has given me a Jack of All Trades kind of expertise.

I have used the same system development methodology for almost 30 years. The software tools are completely different, the hardware is quantum leaps faster, but the process to develop quality information systems remains the same. That stability has allowed me to work in a variety of settings (distribution, education, government, retail) with a variety of technologies (DOS, Windows, Macintosh, AS/400, Burroughs).

I have the ability to analyze your unique situation and find and develop solutions that will exceed your expectations.