Lindhout Associates

Lindhout Associates helps organizations solve information problems

Since 1984, Dave Lindhout has been developing information systems and providing consulting services to a wide variety of organizations in the Grand Rapids area.

"My strength is the ability to analyze a situation and implement changes that will have a significant, positive effect on an organization."

Using the same software development methodology for most of my career, I have been able to develop high quality solutions on a variety of platforms using a variety of languages. What remains consistent is the need to identify the right set of problems, then provide an appropriate solution that will serve the organization well for years to come. That solid foundation is the beginning for any large scale project. Here's a framework that most any methodology will support.

analyze business procedures

You can't develop a solution if you don't know what the problem is. By understanding the flow of information and the people involved, you are in a much better position to suggest changes. Changing procedures can be much easier that changing computer systems. Determining the best software requires a detailed knowledge of business procedures.

develop appropriate solutions

There are many solutions to a problem. With technology changing so fast, today's best product may be obsolete tomorrow. What remains constant is the need to develop innovative solutions that maximize payback, and stand the test of time.

enhance the skill set of the people involved

The best systems won't work if people don't know how to use them. Today, people use a variety of off the shelf software as well as mission critical systems to do their jobs. They have a tremendous need for knowledge. People need to develop an advanced skill set to exploit the tools available. Above all, people need to understand what is important to the organization.

report the results in a meaningful format

Start by taking the parameters identified most critical for success and use them as a basis for reporting. Then measure current performance and report the results to the people responsible for affecting change. You should clearly see your organization, and its relative success, at the click of a button. And it should get everybody on the same page.

career highlights

Aquinas Collegehigher education
There have been two separate projects with Aquinas. Aquinas was the last place I worked before I went into business for myself.
  • Installation of Windows 95 and Office 97 across campus A short term project that has a detailed write up here. There was also some long range planning done.

  • Customized Financial Aid System This goes back to a product called LINC on a Burroughs mainframe. It was one of the first 4th generation products. A very sophisticated system was built to the specifications of the financial aid office. I was part of a team of developers. My focus was taking all the guidelines, regulations and requirements, and developing a model that could be implemented in LINC.

FinishMasterdistributor and reseller of automotive refinishing products
I had a variety of assignments at FinishMaster, dating back to 1985. I helped the company grow from a $12 million company to over $120 million in 1995. Full control of information systems allowed the rapid growth to occur.
  • Established electronic communication with their retail stores Store invoices and purchase orders are electronically fed to corporate systems, eliminating the manual effort to enter that information.

  • Developed store inventory control and purchase order systems Inventory days on hand was cut in half by providing the tools to manage store inventories and report the results to management.

  • Lead role in the migration to an AS/400 running J. D. Edwards software This included needs analysis, vendor selection and system installation and training. In addition, I did custom programming to integrate electronic communication with store systems and additional sales reporting.

Grand Rapids Area Transit Authoritymass transit and demand para-transit services
I acted as Manager of Information Systems during a transition period.
  • Installed Microsoft Windows NT servers - Servers were installed in two offices with network bridges connecting them together. I worked with a vendor to install their paratransist software for the GO!Bus service. This was the first time their software was installed on a Windows workstation or a Windows NT server. Electronic mail and file sharing capabilities were also setup.

  • Upgraded many of their personal computers to current technology These computers were connected to both the Windows NT servers using Windows for Workgroups, and to the AS/400 using PC Support.

  • Provided training and consulting to all members of the organization This included expanding word processing and spreadsheet skills, helping in the development of a PC technician, and helping people to think about working in a group environment.

  • Helped to hire a new Manager of Information Systems I participated in a team of people that hired a new manager.

Sheldon Cleanersdry cleaner with 30 retail locations
I helped Sheldon Cleaners move into their first computer systems. A network of Macintosh computers support a variety of applications written in 4th Dimension, Hypercard and Excel.
  • Plant Productivity System A systems analysis identified the key indicators in determining employee productivity and machine utilization. Raw data is collected for reporting individual employee productivity as well as the volume of cleaning processed by the plant.

  • Store Inventory System Invoices and receipts were captured to track store inventory. Bar coded invoices were scanned and compared to inventory to identify theft problems.

  • Property Management System Management of company owned properties was greatly enhanced by streamlining the monthly statement process. Information from the rental agreements provided the basis for rent due and percentage of utility expenses to be paid. Utility expenses are entered as they are received and a detailed monthly statement calculated the amount due from each tenant.

  • Accounts Payable System Vendor invoices are captured to allow for streamlined and flexible check runs. Reporting of current and future cash requirements allow cash flow to be better managed.